Meet our graduates

See where studying with Inspired Academy can take you from our recent graduate’s perspectives. Redefine the work-life balance and explore outside of your comfort zone, engage in life-changing experiences that can lead to endless possibilities. From starting small businesses, running community classes and events to taking over fully established classes in a studio environment and planning to teach overseas (when the borders open!) – our creative and adaptable graduates are equipped to take on the challenges they choose.

Emily Ridler

I loved the intensive Practicums, it’s a way to put online learning into practice. Practicums provide much more detail than an online video can provide. I like that the Practicums are taken by a variety of instructors – this gives everyone in the course exposure to different teaching techniques to help develop our own teaching styles.

Georgina Glass

The structure of the course is a great balance of theory, practical learning and self-mastery. Throughout the course, you are well supported by highly knowledgeable and approachable instructors. The best part about completing my Mat Pilates Instructor Qualification through the Studio Academy was being able to work with the instructors within the studio space to complete teaching observation hours and practice teaching hours. This time in the studio with supportive instructors really set me up for success as an instructor, confident and qualified to start teaching immediately at the conclusion of my training. I highly recommend this course.

Weiyi Wu

I am excited to work as a Pilates instructor. It is such a fresh and challenging experience for me to teach in a second language for the moment! I guess it takes time for me to get more comfortable about instructing people and becoming a great instructor.

I feel very appreciated that the studio gave me an opportunity to start teaching after graduation. This transition can really help me build confidence and get accustomed to teaching after observation and assisted teaching.

Nicolette Quinn

Although there will always be nerves when you walk into the first few Pilates classes you teach, The Studio Academy course provided so much practical training that I very soon felt confident leading my classes. There are so many courses out there where all you leave with is a piece of paper – this is NOT one of those – the assessments and assist-teaching requirements mean you develop real skills that you can use anywhere in the world.

My favourite aspects of teaching are creative programming and seeing clients progress and able to do exercises they didn’t think were possible for themselves. I’ve had clients laugh out loud sometimes when I demo where we’re headed and then be completely surprised when they are able to do it too. Recently I taught a class that led up to Teaser, which is a challenging move, for one client all the elements came together for the first time and even when I cued a rest at the end, he continued on, so thrilled with his own progress. So, it’s easy to see why I find teaching Pilates satisfying and humbling.

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