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Good Pilates instructors are in demand. Dive into our inspiring online courses and experience in-studio energy from the comfort of your home. Think big, learn from industry leaders and  enjoy the flexible lifestyle of a Pilates instructor.

Study and practice around your current commitments from anywhere with internet access, and become one of Australia’s lead instructors. Our courses offer in-depth knowledge catering to a range of learning styles and include interactive learning tools and videos so it feels like you are in the room with us!

Learn at your own pace

If your busy schedule demands flexibility, our online Pilates courses offer the perfect solution. Learn at your own pace, access a wealth of resources, and enjoy the convenience of studying from anywhere. Develop a strong foundation, master Pilates principles, and gain the skills to excel in your practice and share your expertise.

You have 12 months to complete all of your coursework and work experience hours.

Pilates Education Redefined

Our user-friendly interface provides you with seamless access to a wealth of engaging course content, allowing you to tailor your Pilates education to your schedule and preferences. Dive into interactive assessments that reinforce your understanding and propel your mastery. Whether you’re a busy professional or someone seeking the freedom to learn from any location, our online platform is your gateway to a transformative educational experience. Explore the power of Inspired Academy’s online learning platform and shape your Pilates journey with convenience and precision.

Support at your fingertips

Our Trainers offer optional 1-1 Mentoring Sessions so you can always hone your skills, work through any of the module content and ask as many questions as you need to graduate feeling confident and ready to start your career.

Course Structure

Our courses are focussed on developing your knowledge and understanding of the Pilates method alongside your skills of instructing and building rapport with clients. A comprehensive 100 hour course methodically guides you through each module carefully curated to make your journey fluent, enjoyable & achievable with the goal of not just becoming a certified Fitness Pilates Instructor but feeling ready and comfortable to teach a class by the end of your course.

  • 30 hours – online study (through our online learning platform custom built and entirely unique)
  • 10 hours – observation (time observing classes in a studio or up to 5 hours via online classes)
  • 30 hours – assist teaching (assisting to teach sections of a real life class in an in-person studio)
  • 30 hours – self practice (your own practise understanding and rehearsing the repertoire or instructing others)

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 This course structure has been extremely well-presented making it easy and very accessible for any information, questions and help you may need. The online layout is set out perfectly and for some people like me that sometimes struggle with studying it has been an enjoyable process.

I am currently working 4-5 days a week in a retail job as well as doing the occasional work for social media. I have been really enjoying the freedom of the online course meaning that I make my own time to study which fits in well with my already busy schedule.

Once I qualify, I would love to start teaching a few days a week to fit into my current work schedule and eventually with more practise and time have my own Pilates studio and travel the world teaching.

Mia Russell

Online Pilates Student

Prefer to Study In Person?

 Our in-person courses seamlessly blend tradition with a modern approach, ensuring you not only grasp the fundamentals but also experience the energy and immediate feedback of face-to-face interactions. Connect with a community of like-minded students, share stories, and deepen your understanding of movement principles during our practicum weekends.


Absolutely, our team is extremely supportive and we enjoy seeing nothing more than our students succeed.

You will have access to our online support to reach out with any questions and you also have the option to book a zoom mentoring session with our master trainers

Our online learning is purely online, you complete your course content through our student portal and submit any assessment there. Your hours will be completed at a studio i.e assist teaching
Our in person courses include a number of contact days that cover the course content in the student portal and give students access to master trainers.

We have a lot of students who study our courses as a way to unwind from their day to day job. It is 100% achievable to complete our courses within the 12 months of starting. 

Sometimes you feel it is never the right time to fit something else into your life. We have so many graduates who have studied alongside newborns, toddlers and multiple kids. Many say it is refreshing to switch their brain over to study and also enjoy teaching with flexible hours to work around kids.

Our online courses are very suitable for studying whilst looking after young children.

Our courses run a maximum of 12 months. We’ve had students work through the online course content and complete the work experience hours within 12 weeks and be ready to hit the floor teaching. We’ve also had students who like to take a little more time to work through the information, or when life gets in the way take the pressure off and work to the 12 month deadline.

Just like everyone has different bodies, everyone has different learning styles and different paces of absorbing and understanding information.

Yes – as long as you fulfill the course requirements and pay the course fees then you will be issued a certificate of completion for a Group Exercise Fitness Instructor in the Pilates method. If you’re a registered fitness professional with AUSactive you can accrue CEC points for the certification upon completion. If you’re looking to work within Australia you can gain insurance and operate as a contractor (we recommend a first aid certification too), or gain employment through an established studio or fitness centre. 

There’s a mix of assessment types throughout the course covering

  • Quizzes
  • Videos
  • Short projects


The quizzes are designed to test your knowledge before moving onto the next topic. Our short projects allow for a deeper exploration of the topic and application of the information into a real life context. They’re designed so you’ll walk away with a suite of materials that you’ll actually use in real life when you’re working as an instructor. 

The short videos are for practice teaching and getting feedback along the way, as well as your final assessment. 

Not sure where to start?

Everyone’s journey is unique. If you’d like to start a conversation about how studying with Inspired Academy can fit into your lifestyle to achieve your goals, book a call with our friendly training team to get started.