The Inspired Academy Difference

We help aspiring instructors to grow, build your passion for Pilates and live your dream life!

Why train with us?

If you value personal growth and studying modern, relevant content that will help to build your passion for Pilates you’re in the right place. Whether you’re looking for a side hustle, career change, want to build your knowledge for a method you love or want to study online whilst taking care of little ones we have a delivery style to suit you. 

What we're known for

Our approach to instructor training is to always provide quality and personalised attention to our students. With modern and relevant courses, our inspiring trainers are ready to help anyone turn their passion into a career, or to simply gain a deeper understanding of something they love.

Our team knows what it takes to ensure each student has the support and guidance to get them to the end of their course feeling confident and ready to deliver popular group classes.There is nothing more rewarding for our team than to see people achieve their dreams.

We honour tradition, but with a modern and ever evolving approach and are committed to evidence based learning, innovation and sharing knowledge of value to our community. You’ll graduate confident and able to teach to the bodies in front of you with intelligence and authenticity. 

Our Delivery Styles


Our most popular choice, our mixed delivery option combines the flexibility of online theory with five face-to-face practicum sessions to consolidate your knowledge, share stories and deepen your understanding of movement principles.

Online Study

If you’re multitasking life’s demands, enjoy studying at your own pace or aren’t close to us geographically to attend the practicums then our comprehensive 150 hour online course will get you there without the stress of attending the compulsory in-person sessions.


Private Courses

Self care at its finest, for those driven to achieve a thorough understanding of the Pilates method in a personalised one-on-one setting based on your own time schedule. We’ll tailor a bespoke package to achieve your goals on your terms, as well as motivating you to always go the extra mile through mentoring sessions, personalised practicums and assistance along the way.

Our Support

We celebrate that all students are unique, have varying needs and are all on a pathway of learning before the lightbulb or ‘ah-ha’ moment strikes. It’s the space in between, or before the understanding deepens that we can offer support. Here’s how

  • Ongoing feedback after each learning module or topic via a quiz to get a quick picture or immediate understanding of where your learning is and what you need to work on or pay attention to 
  • Short projects to deepen your understanding of the topics and create a bank of resources to use in the real world when you graduate. We don’t asses you on these they’re just for you to work through to help create more awareness and purpose from what you’re leaning 
  • Personalised feedback on your practice teaching of the Warm Up exercises and a suite of Fundamental and Progressive repertoire
  • Face-to-face catch ups if you’re enrolled in a delivery method including practicums
  • Optional mentoring sessions available with our experienced and qualified trainers either online or in-studio 
  • Free 15-minute chats through our video call booking system to talk through course related matters
  • Access to our library of online classes (you can count these towards your observation hours) through Academy TV on our learning platform
  • Access to established and reputable studios.

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